• Social Experiment

    This is a little web app I made using an API I discovered here: Jailbase. It contains public data about people who have recently been arrested. The app I built requires users to give their gender, age and race on login. It then shows pictures of people, and users try to guess what they were charged with based strictly on the photo. I store peoples’ guesses on the server, which gives me some interesting data that I may eventually publish as well.
  • FlashcardsAreFun

    This is a simple iOS app that I built using Core Data and some basic UI animations. Users can create topics and add flashcards to them. It’s the first app I’ve submitted to the App Store and was just approved! The UI allows the user to:

    • Swipe left and right to switch between flashcards
    • Tap to flip between the question and answer
    • Press a lightbulb icon if they got the question correct so that it won’t be in the list any longer
    • Swipe up or down to delete
    • Press the shuffle icon to shuffle
    • Press the reset icon to reset